Making Valuable Mothers in Publicly Provided Maternity Healthcare: Assessing Parenthood in Finland


Location: 215 DeBartolo Hall

Dr. Riikka Homanen is a scholar from the University of Tampere, Finland who will be here from November 7-8. Her research focuses on maternal health, motherhood practices, infant and child development, and doctor-patient relations, within the Nordic state. 

She is giving a public talk from 4:00-5:00 pm on November 7th in 215 DeBartolo Hall, entitled "Making valuable mothers in publicly provided maternity healthcare: assessing parenthood in Finland."

There are also opportunities to meet with her in your office or to take her for coffee on the 8th. We have openings from 9:00 until 12:00. If you are interested in meeting with her, please contact Dr. Vania Smith-Oka.

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