2013 Boehnen Summer Internship Grant Recipients

Author: Melisa Martinez Munoz

Kristine (Leah) Corachea '14
Female Factor, Chicago IL

Leah will be working with The Female Factor, a consulting firm that helps companies market to women. Leah will be researching the changing world of e-commerce and why the virtual shopping world is becoming more attractive compared to the traditional retail stores. Throughout the summer, she will explore the aspects of what makes e-commerce, and specific websites, more successful than others and what it could mean for us in the future.

Christina Dines ‘14
International Institute of Buffalo, New York
Christina will be interning at the International Institute of Buffalo. She will be working in the Victim Services Department, interacting with, and aiding, refugees in court. In addition to attending court proceedings, she will be constantly interacting with refugees and immigrants throughout the resettlement process (for example, through mentoring and tutoring experiences and through conducting a combination of formal and informal interviews). The IIB works closely with refugees from Bhutan, Burma, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, and Sudan. As such, her exploration will particularly concentrate on the challenges and barriers facing Muslim women.

Maria (Mia) Lillis ‘14
Family Justice Center of St. Joseph County, South Bend, IN
Mia will be performing various duties for the Family Justice Center, including but not limited to intake and support, general advocacy work for victims of sexual assault and domestic abuse, and maintaining databases for the center. Through her work with the Family Justice Center, she will learn first-hand about the effects of domestic violence and sexual assault, as well as the resources available to victims of such crimes.  She hopes that this opportunity will give her experience for future career objectives, as she is interested in working with crisis centers post-graduation.