Award Recipients 2012

Author: Linnie Caye

Congratulations to all!

Annual Writing Prizes
Philip L. Quinn Essay Prize Recipient:

Caroline Maloney '12—Majors: Art History & Anthropology
More Stunning Than Can Be Expressed: Desire and Control in the Stunners of Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Essay written for  Theories of Art/Professor: Kathleen Pyne


Genevieve D. Willis Thesis Prize Recipients:

Melissa Buddie ’12 – Major: Sociology/Minor: Gender Studies
Student Perceptions of Peer Sexual Harassment: The “Where” and the “How” Matter More than the “Who”
Sociology Senior Thesis/Advisor: Jessica Collett

Kyla Wargel’12 – Major: Psychology/Minor: Gender Studies, A&L Honors Program
Mother and Father Speech Style as a Predictor of Insightfulness and Attachment
Psychology Senior Thesis/Advisor: Julie Braungart-Rieker

Graduate Writing Prize Recipient:

Erin Hinz — Department:  MFA Student, Art History/Design/Painting
The Work of Leonora Carrington:
An Alchemical Transmutation of Gender through Magic, Animals, and Narrative 

Theories of Art Seminar Paper/Professor: Kathleen Pyne

Boehnen Summer Internship Grant Recipients:

Maria McLeod ‘13
Josh Whitaker ‘13


Paid Summer Internship with Kirkland & Ellis LLP, Chicago Recipient:

Christina Genovese ‘13
Attorney Diversity Intern


Genevieve D. Willis Senior Research Grant Recipients:

Nora Goebelbecker ‘14
A Comparison of the Impact of Gender Norms on Women’s Experiences in Public Office in Spain and Ireland

Maria McLeod ‘13
The Psychology of Motherhood

Graduate Minor Recipients:

Katherine Cornwell –MFA English Creative Writing

Carina Finn—MFA English Creative Writing

Daniel J. Hicks– PhD Philosophy

Lourdes C. Hurtado—PhD History

Jacquilyn Weeks –PhD English

Teaching Apprenticeships for Graduate Students:

Keelin Burke—PhD History (2011-2012)

Lourdes Hurtado—PhD History (2011-2012)

Hilary Davidson—PhD Sociology (2012-2013)

Meagan Simpson—PhD English (2012-2013)


Research Workshop Coordinators:

Robinson Murphy—PhD English (2011-2012 & 2012-2013)

Meagan Simpson—PhD English (2011-2012 & 2012-2013)


Honor Society Seniors:

Melissa Buddie

Maureen Choman/Vice President

Jennifer Gast/Secretary-Treasurer

Paige Gesicki

Jason G’Sell

Ellen Jantsch

Katherine Lukas

Emma O’Brien

MayaJoy Thode

Kyla Wargel/President

Through Gendered Lenses—Academic Journal Entrants:

Jennifer Gast ‘12—Majors: Political Science, Gender Studies

Dylan Krieger ‘12—Majors: English/Honors in Creative Writing, Philosophy, Minor: Latin

Caroline Maloney ‘12—Majors: Anthropology, Art History/Honors Track

Clare Parks ‘12—Major: Psychology, Minor: Education, Schooling and Society