Brandon Pierpont '09

Author: Andrea Martinez Dominguez

Brandon Pierpont

Graduation year: 2009

Majors/Minors: Finance major, Arts and Letters and Science Honors Program & Gender Studies minors


My Gender Studies Minor has opened my mind to the many important influences that gender, race and class play in my society.  I am now better able to recognize the subtle yet pervasive consequences that result from these influences in my everyday life.  My Gender Studies Minor has made me more knowledgeable about the hidden influences operating within our society which work to socialize many of us to behave in certain ideal fashions.  By giving me this information, Gender Studies has provided me the opportunity to combat these ideals and instead become a more independent thinker.  My favorite part of being a Gender Studies Minor is the many different Majors that Gender Studies crosslists its courses with, giving me the opportunity to pick from a wide array of different kinds of classes.  I also enjoy having a lot of girls in my classes.