Concurrent Faculty

Author: Linnie Caye

Dear Gender Studies Community

I am very pleased to announce that Gender Studies now has Concurrent faculty!  This is an important component of our growth as a primary major and provides our students with a consistent roster of faculty who will teach in Gender Studies and be available for student research and theses.  The Concurrent Faculty are:


Gail Bederman- Associate Professor, History

Kasey Buckles- Associate Professor, Economics

Meredith Chesson - Associate Professor, Anthropology

Jessica Collett- Associate Professor, Sociology

Kathleen Cummings - Associate Professor, American Studies

Barbara Green- Associate Professor, English

Susan Harris- Associate Professor, English

Cyraina Johnson-Roullier - Associate Professor, English

Mary Celeste Kearney- Associate Professor, FTT

Janet Kourany- Associate Professor, Philosophy

Alison Rice - Associate Professor, Romance Lang&Lit

Sophie White - Associate Professor, American Studies

Pamela Wojcik- Professor,FTT


We will, of course, still rely on our affiliated teaching and research faculty and we hope to add more Concurrent positions in the coming years.  Please join me in congratulating the new faculty.




Pam Wojcik


Pamela Robertson Wojcik
Professor, Department of Film, TV and Theatre
Director, Gender Studies Program
University of Notre Dame