Congratulations to our Spring 2020 Gender Studies Graduate Research Grant recipients!

Author: Gender Studies Program

Patricia Bredar (English) will be conducting archival research in the United Kingdom for her dissertation project and a related article, “I am astonished at my own strength”: Redefining the Walking Woman through Nineteenth-Century Diaries,” which she plans to publish in Victorian Studies.

Abigail Jorgensen (Sociology) will be conducting interviews with research subjects this summer to further our understanding of the relationships between women, motherhood, and politics. This research is part of her dissertation project, “Becoming the Mommy Politic.”

Jahan Khajavipour (Creative Writing) will be traveling to California to meet with Mutsun tribal leaders for their assistance on a poetry translation project. Mutsun is a non-gendered language.

Brianna McCaslin (Sociology) will be conducting interviews with research subjects for her dissertation project, “Good Sex: Moral Identities and Sexuality,” to further our understanding of feminism, Catholicism, gender, and sexual subjectivity and pleasure.

Emily McLemore (English) will be participating this summer in the International Congress of Medieval Studies, where she will present her paper, “Feminist Caricature, Comical Rape, and the Illustrated Wyf of Bathe: A Liberated Woman’s Great Story!

Ya Su (Sociology) will be conducting research in Hohhot, China this summer for her dissertation project, “She Left, or He Left: Marriages at the Crossroads in Contemporary China,” which explores how gender serves as an important parameter in generating and processing marriage disputes in China.

Gender Studies Graduate Research Grants