Congratulations to our Spring 2021 Gender Studies Graduate Research Grant recipients!

Author: Gender Studies Program

Abigail Jorgensen (Sociology) will be conducting interviews with research subjects to examine their relationship with the government across motherhood categories and over time. This research is part of her dissertation project, “Becoming the Mommy Politic.”

Lora Jury (Italian) will be attending a summer school program at La Sapienza University in Rome that will focus on the cultural heritage and memory of totalitarianism in Europe.  Her participation in the program is part of her preparation for her dissertation project, which will focus on the reception of Italian Neorealist cinema in the United Kingdom.

Ya Su (Sociology) will be conducting research with survey participants for her project, “Does Age Matter? Public Perception of Rape against Women in China,” which explores perceptions of rape against women of different ages.

Eli Williams (Sociology) will be using this award to fund the transcription of interviews for her Master’s thesis, “‘Your Comfort Comes at the Expense of Our Oppression’: Transgender Inclusion and Exclusion at the Women’s March.”


Gender Studies Graduate Research Grants