Congratulations to the 2022 Gender Studies Writing Competition recipients

Author: Gender Studies Program

Pen Writing Letter

2022 G. Margaret Porter Gender Studies Graduate Writing Awards:

Best graduate student essay written for a course or conference:
Abigail Jorgensen, PhD Sociology
Precarious Mothers: How the struggle of motherhood begins in anticipation

Best thesis chapter, dissertation chapter, journal article, or book chapter:
Lora Jury, PhD in Italian
Interrogating the Esso Insignia: Feminized Labour Depictions and the Economic Boom

Graduate Writing Awards


2022 Philip L. Quinn Undergraduate Essay Award Recipient:

Marty Kennedy ‘22
Majors: Sociology and Peace Studies
Minor: Data Science
Drag as More than a Performance: A Sociological Analysis of Drag, Gender, Heteronormativity, and Hegemony
Course: Sociology of Gender
Instructor: Abigail Ocobock

2022 Genevieve D. Willis Senior Thesis Award Recipient:

Ashton Weber ‘22
Majors: Gender Studies, Economics
Leaning into Softness: Freeing Catholic Faith Through Femme Theory
Advisor: Gail Bederman

Undergraduate Writing Awards


A special “Thank You” to the Steering Committee judges:

Graduate Writing Judges: Cara Ocobock, Emily Remus, Barbara Green
Essay Judges: Julia Kowalski, Barbara Green
Thesis Judges: La Donna Forsgren, Pam Butler