Emily Garrett '18

Author: Andrea Martinez Dominguez

Emily Garrett 1

Graduation year: 2018

Majors/Minors: English and Gender Studies


I arrived at the Gender Studies Program in a similar way that many other students do. I began my Freshman year at Notre Dame as a hesitant Neuroscience major, and upon realizing my hatred of chemistry, I happily switched my major to English. It was through my English classes; supportive, gender oriented professors; and my burgeoning interest in feminism that I arrived at the Gender Studies Program.

It was thrilling to realize that my recent obsession of finding gender everywhere was actually an academic field, and a rigorous, groundbreaking one at that. Two of my favorite college classes, Queer Plots, and Perspectives on Gender, opened my eyes to complexity of gender and sexuality throughout history, and in society today. I am excited to take my intersectional understanding of gender with me to law school next year as I pursue a career protecting women's rights.

In addition to all of the amazing classes that I have taken, the Gender Studies Program has supported me in extracurricular endeavors as well. When I decided to found a feminist club on campus called Feminist ND, the Gender Studies Program was my biggest ally and we continue to do collaborative work today. I was even able to accept an unpaid internship position this summer with the Erie County Commission on the Status of Women because of the funding I received from the Boehnen Summer Internship Grant through the Gender Studies Program.

I cannot thank the Gender Studies Program enough for making my undergrad experience such a fascinating and exciting journey!