Gender, Race, and Concepts of Difference - Submissions

Author: Linnie Caye

FEMMSS 6: Inside, Outside, and Across Disciplines:  Gender, Race, and Concepts of Difference
Submission deadline April 15, 2016
Acceptance notifications by May 6, 2016
Submissions are invited for the sixth meeting of The Association for Feminist Epistemologies, Methodologies, Metaphysics, and Science Studies (FEMMSS; ) to be held at the University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana, USA, October 2 through October 4, 2016.  We apologize for the conflict with Rosh Hashanah, and hope that in the future the FEMMSS “save the date” notices will allow us to avoid such conflicts. FEMMSS is a multidisciplinary organization. We welcome papers, posters, panels, and workshops from any academic discipline and from outside the academy. We especially encourage work that crosses traditional boundaries--disciplinary and academic/non-academic, among others--to expose how issues of gender, race, ability/disability, socioeconomic class, and other areas of difference impact scholarship, participation, policies, outcomes, and science practice. In addition to showcasing innovative work, FEMMSS aims to build a supportive network of science studies scholars, historians, philosophers, scientists, and others.  It especially aims to include and encourage those who are underrepresented or are in other ways disadvantaged within their home disciplines. 
Topics for FEMMSS 6 include but need not be limited to:
1.      Interrogating social boundary concepts (e.g., gender, sexuality, socioeconomic class, disability/ability, race, ethnicity, nationality) from diverse disciplinary perspectives
2.      Social boundary concepts in feminist science studies: Where are we and what is needed?
3.      Inclusive institutions: How can interdisciplinary research support organizational change?
4.      Implicit bias and stereotype threat: The philosophy behind the social science research
5.      Epistemologies of ignorance: Why do inequities and exclusions persist, and what knowledge implications do they have?
6.      Feminist epistemologies, metaphysics and methodologies across disciplines: What do they promise and what do they presuppose?
7.      Rhetoric, argumentation, and communication: Strategies to heal past injustice
8.      The ethics and politics of biomedical research
9.      Production of “natural differences” in science, medicine, and the law
10.   Feminist perspectives on critical environmental issues
11.   Engineering technologies for environmental justice and global peace
12.   STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education: Strategies for equity throughout the pipeline (pre-K through gray)
13.   Accessibility and STEM education: Supporting students with disabilities
14.   Professional Development: Thriving when you are ‘the only…’ in your unit
15.   Professional Development: Promoting interdisciplinary scholarship/service/teaching
Submission instructions
You are permitted one submission, unless you are submitting a poster.  If you are submitting a poster, you can also submit an abstract for a paper, panel, or workshop.
To submit please go to :  and sign up for an account. Direct questions regarding submissions to .
●        Individual papers and posters:   Please provide a title, put a 300-word abstract in the text box, and select 3-10 topics/keywords. At the beginning of the abstract indicate if your submission is a poster.  Please do not include any identifying information in your abstract.
●        Panels:   For the panel as a whole, provide a title, include a 300-word abstract in the text box, and select 3-10 topics/keywords. Upload a single document that includes each paper’s title and 300-word abstract. Please take care not to identify authors.
●        Workshops:   Provide a title, include a 300-word abstract with goals and rationale in the text box, and select 3-10 keywords/topics.  Upload an additional 300-word description of the activities in which your audience will engage. Please take care not to identify authors.
●        Keywords/Topics:  Easy Chair requires submission of 3 keywords. You can copy keywords from the topic list or create unique keywords if your topics are not on the list.
FEMMSS was founded in 2004. Central aims of the organization include the encouragement of networking and collaboration among scholars in diverse fields; the development of analytic and pedagogical skills to aid such interdisciplinary work; the support of women and other underrepresented scholars in the various humanities, social sciences, and STEM fields, and the sharing of strategies for facilitating their success; and the mentoring of junior scholars. FEMMSS has a strong commitment to work that crosses boundaries among disciplines and between the academy and the public.
Notre Dame sponsors for FEMMSS 6 include:  
Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts (ISLA), College of Arts and Letters, Henkels Lecture Series
John J. Reilly Center for Science, Technology, and Values
College of Arts and Letters
College of Science
College of Engineering 
Department of Philosophy
Gender Studies Program
Department of Political Science
Department of American Studies
Program of Liberal Studies