Graduate Research - Submit GS essays, articles, or chapters for $150 Award consideration

Author: Michele Wolff

G. Margaret Porter Gender Studies Graduate Writing Awards: $150 awarded for best essay and $150 for best article, dissertation chapter, or thesis chapter that has gender and/or sexuality as a key focus - due by noon April 12.

Submit your writing for the G. Margaret Porter Gender Studies Graduate Writing Awards before noon Friday, April 12: 

These awards are named in honor of G. Margaret Porter, a retired Gender Studies Librarian at the Hesburgh Library who enabled high-caliber research in gender by ensuring that students and faculty had access to the best resources in Gender Studies and include a cash award of $150. 

Submissions for these awards must be written by a Gender Studies graduate minor and must address issues of gender. The maximum length for submissions is 10,000 words (not including references). Research papers from courses and conferences are eligible if completion of the paper occurred no more than 12 months prior to the submission deadline. Journal articles and book chapters can be in draft form, under review, or published.