Graduate Writing Award

Author: Linnie Caye

The G. Margaret Porter Gender Studies Graduate Writing Prize ($150) is awarded to the best essay by a Gender Studies Graduate Minor student written in the calendar year (January to December).  This prize is named in honor of G. Margaret Porter, who worked as the Gender Studies Librarian at the Hesburgh Library and enabled high caliber research in gender by ensuring that students and faculty at Notre Dame have access to the very best resources in Gender Studies.  Submissions can be essays written for a class, or papers presented at conferences.  Chapters of a dissertation and MA papers are not eligible.  Only graduate students enrolled in the Gender Studies Minor may apply.  Papers will be judged by a committee consisting of the Director of Gender Studies and two members of the Gender Studies affiliated faculty.

Submission for the Graduate Writing Prize should be sent electronically to: on or by NOON on theSecond Friday in April.

Cover Pages G

Submission Guidelines:

Submission should have two cover pages.

First Cover Page must include:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Primary Department Affiliation
  • Title
  • Course or Conference the paper was written for
  • Semester/Year of Course or Conference

Second Cover Page must include:

  • TITLE of the paper
  • PARAMETERS of the assignment or Conference Panel

Please DO NOT include your name anywhere else on the document.

Paper must be submitted in English.   Any paper written in another language must be translated into English prior to submission.