Graduate Writing Awards

Author: Linnie Caye

Writing Award Graduate Edited

The G. Margaret Porter Gender Studies Graduate Writing Prizes are awarded for the following:

  1. An award in the amount of $100 is awarded to the best paper written for a graduate course, and
  2. An award in the amount of $100 is awarded for the best article (draft, under review, or published), dissertation chapter, or MA thesis chapter.

The papers must be written by a Gender Studies Graduate Minor and must address issues of gender.  Submissions from conferences and courses are eligible if attendance occurred during the12 month period prior to submission deadline. Submissions are limited to a maximum of 40 double-spaced pages or 10,000 words (not including references).

Writing award applications will be reviewed and final candidates selected by the Graduate Education Subcommittee of the Gender Studies Steering Committee.  The finalists will be selected based on the quantity of applications, as well as the quality of individual papers.  We are eager to support graduate student writing that has gender as a key focus and that demonstrates students' ability to apply their Gender Studies education in original scholarship or creative work.

These prizes are named in honor of G. Margaret Porter (retired), Gender Studies Librarian at the Hesburgh Library who enabled high-caliber research in gender by ensuring that students and faculty have access to the best resources in Gender Studies.  

Submissions for the Graduate Writing Prizes should be sent electronically to: on or by NOON on the First Friday in March. If Friday is a holiday, then submissions will be due on Thursday.

Submission Guidelines