Natalie Mayer '18

Author: Andrea Martinez Dominguez

Natalie Mayer Img 3663

Graduation year: 2018

Majors/Minors: Finance Major, Gender Studies Minor


I decided to pick up the gender studies minor during my junior year. Like many of my peers, I realized that a lot of the issues I was interested in and cared about related to gender. As I've continued my studies in this minor, I've come to develop a better understanding of my personal identity, and outside of myself, I've found the importance of understanding identities as an ally and advocate.

As it relates to my major, I would always notice the gender gap in my business classes. Equal representation in industries matters, and having role models that relate to you makes career goals seem more achievable. It's an exciting time in business- more companies are establishing women's and LGBT initiatives, and Lean In chapters are popping up across college campuses. There's still a lot to be done, such as better maternity leave, child care options, and diversity in the workplace. I believe the gender studies program has given me a better understanding academically to tackle some of these issues.