Welcome to our newest Affiliated Faculty

Author: Linnie Caye

Gender Studies is pleased to announce the addition of two new Affiliated Faculty members, Sara Bernstein and Jessica Shumake.

Sara Bernstein is Associate Professor of Philosophy and Thomas J. and Robert T. Rolfs Collegiate Chair. She specializes in the metaphysics of causation, and in related topics in ethics and the law, with additional work in the metaphysics of time and time travel. She has multiple teaching and research interests in feminist philosophy, particularly on the topics of intersectionality, misogyny, and sexual consent. She has held the Philip L. Quinn Fellowship at the National Humanities Center, the Andrew W. Mellon Assistant Professorship, been a visitor at Arché at the University of St. Andrews, and is a frequent visitor at the Australian National University. Prior to her current position, she was assistant professor of philosophy at Duke University.

Jessica Shumake is an Assistant Teaching Professor in the University Writing Program whose research interests include community literacy, archival research methods, and university-community partnerships. Her teaching is energized by meaningful writing partnerships with community organizations and local schools. She has been involved with the teaching of argument writing in cross-level collaborative writing exchanges since 2011. She is the book review and new media editor for the Community Literacy Journal.


Affiliated Faculty