Winners of Undergraduate Writing Awards

Author: Linnie Caye

Congratulations to Brooke Littman and Lia Rocchino.

2019 recipient of Philip L. Quinn Gender Studies Essay Award
Brook Littman (Major: Film, Television, and Theatre, Supplementary Major: Pre-Health Studies)
“Harold, They’re Lesbians”; A Semiotic and Queer Analysis of A Letter to Three Wives
Written for Critical Approaches to Screen Cultures/Professor Pam Wojcik

2019 recipient of Genevieve D. Willis Senior Thesis Award
Lia Rocchino (Major: History, Minor: Gender Studies)
“Not One’s Wife:” Laura X and the 1979 California Marital Rape Bill
Senior Thesis, History Honors Program/Advisor: Gail Bederman

Thank you to the Gender Studies Steering Committee judges, Barbara Green, Perin Gurel, Terry McDonnell, Marisel Moreno-Anderson, Alison Rice and Sonja Stojanovic for all of your time and thank you to all of the students who submitted extraordinary papers.