Zoe Jimenez '14

Author: Andrea Martinez Dominguez

Graduation year: 2014

Majors/Minors: Psychology major, Gender Studies minor


I was introduced to the Gender Studies Department after working on the 4 to 5 Movement. I attended a panel about gender and sexuality that featured Professor Palko, and I talked with her after the panel. In true Palko fashion, she convinced me to sign up for the minor after promising to do a one-on-one directed readings of whatever field of gender studies I wanted for which the university did have classes yet. I have had only amazing experiences with the Gender Studies Department, and it really has impacted my entire experience here. I doubt I would have been a gender studies minor if Professor Palko did not generously offer to do a directed readings, and the other gender studies professors I have come in contact with have been equally generous. I can say with utmost honesty that some of the best classes I have taken at Notre Dame have been within this department, so thank you.