Faculty Research Workshops

The workshop will provide an opportunity for Gender Studies faculty members to share their research and solicit feedback from colleagues who share their interest in gender and sexuality. Our expectation is that the great diversity of perspectives and expertise among our faculty will improve everyone’s work by highlighting disciplinary blind spots, introducing scholars to new literature and emerging lines of inquiry, and fostering cross-disciplinary intellectual community for sharing ideas and scholarship related to gender and sexuality.

Spring 2019 Gender Studies Faculty Research Workshops

"Housewife Beads the World!" Liza Lou and the Politics of Process
Elyse Speaks (Art, Art History, and Design)

Elyse Speaks Headshot Elyse Speaks Edited

Friday, February 8 | 12-1:00pm
339 O’Shaughnessy Hall


Artist Liza Lou’s installation Kitchen (1991-96), a 426 cm work comprised of beads, took five years to complete, and is a full-scale kitchen that manifests the labor of its production as an artwork in the visual preservation of every bead placed across its surface. This talk considers the work in detail, and focuses specifically on issues of process and materials in order to consider how they address the thematics of labor and time in relation to the politics of domesticity. The talk is taken from a chapter in progress from a larger project on labor and art in the 1990s.

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Gendered Glissandos: International Feminisms in a French Frame
Alison Rice (Romance Languages)

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Tuesday, March 26 | 12-1:00pm
119 O'Shaughnessy Hall


An unprecedented number of women writers of French from outside France are currently contributing to a crucial and timely reconfiguration of “French feminism” that reflects the growing diversity of “French” “feminists” today. Thanks to various backgrounds that extend around the globe, these writers are capable of literary creations that effectively demonstrate new approaches to feminist concerns in France from an international perspective. This talk stems from interviews Dr. Rice conducted in Paris with such figures as Hélène Cixous and Julia Kristeva, among others.



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