Research Workshop - Nathan Smith


Location: 119 O'Shaughnessy

Finding Your Voice and Telling Your Story

As a man in the world, an Artist at that, it has been my intent to be honest with my content and message.  With a love for creating things with clay combined with the drawn image alongside an interest in gender construction, especially since taking on the Gender Studies Minor at Notre Dame as a graduate student, my artwork has continued to evolve.  How studying gender has changed my approach to researching, art, and art making is primarily what I will be discussing.  I am still looking for gems and insights that this sort of discussion can lend towards our progress as well my artwork and thesis.

Nathan Winship Smith studied art in Indianapolis as an undergraduate at Herron School of Art & Design.  He received his BFA with a minor in Art History through Herron from Indiana University in 2010 and was invited to study as a Graduate student at the University of Notre Dame in 2012.  Nathan is finishing up his 3rd year as an MFA candidate.  He has studied Gender and in particular has focused on the broad category that makes up gender assumptions and stereotypes.  Nathan participates in the Graduate Student Union, and also hosts Nocturne on Saturday nights for WSND 88.9 FM, the sound of Notre Dame.

October 10 - Noon - 119 O'Shaughnessy
Nathan Smith, MFA, Art History/Ceramics and Gender Studies Graduate Minor Student
Finding Your Voice and Telling Your Story - Abstract
Finding Your Voice and Telling Your Story - Poster

In order to advance the program’s commitment to inter-disciplinary research and inquiry into the subject of gender, the Gender Studies Program is pleased to announce an upcoming series of research workshops. The events will include presentations by advanced undergraduates majoring in Gender Studies as well as graduate students and faculty members from a variety of departments who work in the area of gender and sexuality. The workshop will begin with the week’s presenter giving a brief lecture on his or her current research in the field, followed by a seminar-style discussion.
If you would like to reserve a date for a presentation at one of the Research Workshops please contact either of our Research Workshop coordinators: Beatriz Carrillo or Angel Matos.

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