Steering Committee Election Results

Author: Linnie Caye

The following faculty have been elected to the Gender Studies Steering Committee:

Barbara Green will serve as a new Humanities/Fine Arts Representative (2017-20).

Mary Ellen Konieczny will serve as a new Social Science Representative (2017-20).

Marisel Moreno will serve as a new At-Large Representative (2017-20).


The following students have been elected to the Gender Studies Steering Committee:

Molly Burton will become the new Undergraduate Student Representative (2017-18). 

Abigail Jorgensen will become the new Graduate Student Representative (2017-18).


All new representative terms begin next fall.

Congratulatons to these new members of our Steering Committee.  A special thank you to Janet Kourany, Jessica Kim, Allison Dopazo, Chloe Honey Moreno, and Pete Freeman for their willingness to run for a position on this Committee.  Deep gratitude for all their hard work for our Program to those rotating off the Committee this year: Sara Maurer, Susan Ohmer, Jessica Collett, Arielle Sims, and Colleen Mitchell.

Lastly, thanks very much to the Electorate for taking the time to vote and for your ongoing commitment to the Gender Studies Program.

Gender Studies Steering Committee