Steering Committee

Meredith Chesson (2018-21)
Associate Professor, Anthropology

Karen Graubart (2019-22)
Associate Professor, History

Barbara Green (2017-20)
Professor, English

Perin Gurel (2018-2021)
Assistant Professor, American Studies

Connie Mick (2019-22)
Director of Academic Affairs, Center for Social Concerns

Vanesa Miseres (2019-22)
Assistant Professor, Spanish, Romance Languages and Literatures

Marisel Moreno (2017-20)
Associate Professor, US Latino/a Literature, Romance Languages and Literatures

Francisco Robles (2018-20)
Assistant Professor, English

Pamela Wojcik (2018-21)
Professor, Film, Television, and Theatre


Mary Celeste Kearney
Director of Gender Studies; Chair of GSSC; Associate Professor, Film, Television, and Theatre

Pamela Butler
Associate Director of Gender Studies

Rachel Bohlmann
Subject Librarian for Gender Studies

Linnie Caye
Program Coordinator, Gender Studies

Sara Berumen ‘20
Gender Studies Major and Anthropology Major

Emily Smith
PhD History, Gender Studies Graduate Minor


The goal of the Gender Studies Steering Committee (GSSC) is to promote Gender Studies as an attractive interdisciplinary community of learning for students and faculty at the University. To achieve this goal requires a productive, collaborative working relationship between the Director and the other members of the GSSC with regard to developing the academic curriculum and academic programming of Gender Studies.

The purpose of the GSSC is threefold:

  1. advise and assist the Director of Gender Studies on matters pertaining to the academic curriculum and academic programming of Gender Studies,
  2. serve on standing and ad hoc subcommittees related to the academic curriculum and academic programming of Gender Studies, and
  3. recommend a candidate or candidates for Director of Gender Studies to the Dean of the College of Arts and Letters.

The Gender Studies Steering Committee includes as part of its membership one undergraduate and one graduate student representative in a non-voting capacity. Because Steering Committee members work with the Gender Studies administration to develop the Program’s academic curriculum and programming, they welcome students’ input on their experiences within Gender Studies, as well as discussion of students’ academic needs and interests.  The student representatives are elected by their peers and serve one-year terms.  They attend all Steering Committee meetings and bring student views and concerns to its members. The student representatives are excused from those parts of the meetings involving discussion of individual students and faculty in the Program. Following Steering Committee meetings, the representatives report back to their fellow students, informing them of upcoming events and new initiatives within the Program.


Structures and Procedures