Student Internships

Western New York Women’s Bar Association, Buffalo, NY
Christina Dines ‘14 conducted interviews on behalf of the Erie County Bar Association through a contact at Schröder, Joseph & Associates, exploring gender neutral laws in the workplace. She explored differences in societal pressures faced by male and female workers despite equal laws – for instance, the opportunity to paternity and maternity leave – and also assisted in administrative work and collecting and analyzing data.

The Female Factor, Chicago, IL
The Female Factor provides strategic consulting to corporations concerning the ways in which they can better market to women and better sell to women.  The Female Factor creates a female framework to help corporate teams make consumer-facing decisions that emotionally engage women.  During her summer internship, Maria McLeod ‘13 conducted research for CEO, Bridget Brennan, concerning women of the Middle East and helped Female Factor create a workshop for businesses in the Middle East,  with the goal of helping businesses understand and cater to female buyers.

Physiology Lab of Dr. Annette Gabaldón, Colorado State University at Pueblo, Department of Biology
Maureen Choman ‘12 worked under the supervision of Dr. Annette Gabaldón, who studies the physiology of aging. Dr. Gabaldón studied bone density in mice through experiments analyzing mechanical strength, ash content and mineral composition; bone density is related to osteoporosis, a disease that affects men and women differently, with a higher number of incidences occurring in women. Maureen hopes to take advantage of the opportunities that this position offers to contribute to knowledge about an issue that affects the health of women and the aging population and to explore the possibility of a career in research science, a field in which women are underrepresented.

Violence Prevention Initiative, Notre Dame, IN
Miriam Olsen ‘10 spent the summer here at Notre Dame, working under the auspices of the Gender Relations Center to help organize the Violence Prevention Initiative’s lineup for 2009-10, including the College HAS Issues Program, Loyal Daughters and Sons, and the National Conference on Violence Prevention.

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The Women’s Center, Cambridge, MA
Alessandra Bouchard ‘11 worked under the auspices of The Women’s Center to develop a bilingual resource guide for women who are struggling to determine their immigration rights, or who have experienced domestic violence or sexual assault. She also contributed to the generation of a history of the Women’s Center, and its development from an empty building to the thriving resource that it is today.

Anti-Defamation League, Boston, MA
Meaghan Jennings ‘10 worked with the New England chapter of the Anti-Defamation League to combat sexism, racism, and heterosexism, by fostering dialogue, expanding prejudice awareness instruction and training student facilitators in primary and secondary schools in the Boston area.

Missions International, Highland, IL
Mandy Lewis ‘10 worked with Missions International, a non-profit organization that aids individuals in Latin America and the Caribbean by sending tangible support such as money and goods, but also by fostering Christian unity and international goodwill. Among other tasks, she evaluated how women are affected by the organization’s aid practices.

Coalition on Violence Against Women, Nairobi, Kenya
Jordan Brooks ‘08 worked with women’s groups in Nairobi, Kenya under the auspices of COVAW, the Coalition on Violence Against Women.

Illinois Safe Schools Alliance, Chicago, Illinois
Stacey Williams ‘08 worked with a non-profit that offers sensitivity training and anti-prejudice workshops to schools and teachers wishing to create safe, non-threatening school and classroom environments for LGBT students.

Ford Family Program in Human Development Studies and Solidarity, Uganda
Andrea Torres Hermoza ‘09 worked with the Ford Family Program in Human Development Studies and Solidarity in Uganda, focusing on the incongruence between de jure and de facto gender inequalilties.

Other students pursue research opportunities in the summer: Research Grant Information