Gender on the Market

Hello Gender Studies graduate students! My name is Christina Wolbrecht and I’m a professor of political science and this year’s Gender Studies internal scholar-in-residence. One of my goals for my year in residence is to build resources for GS graduate students as they prepare for the academic job market. I have been the placement director in political science for about a decade, and each Spring I teach a course called The Academic Career.

The purpose of this weekly blog is to share some of the resources and advice I have developed —basically to blog my course! Every discipline has its own norms and expectations, but I will focus here on some general advice and perspective that may be helpful as you seek a faculty position in your own field(s). (For the record, not seeking a faculty position is great too; I’m just not the best person to advise you on that). I will also give attention to the specific sorts of challenges and opportunities that Gender Studies students may confront.

I also welcome questions! Please email me at with any job market-related questions you might have, and I will do my best to answer those in future blogs or privately if you prefer.