Where Our Graduates Are Now

Since 2009 our Program has graduated more than 30 students with a Gender Studies Graduate Minor. 

Graduates of our minor program have consistently demonstrated that a degree in Gender Studies contributes to their intellectual development as well as to their marketability across a variety of jobs within and outside academia. 

The vast majority of our graduate alumni have continued to pursue research or creative practice related to gender and/or sexuality in their current work. While many have developed careers in academia, either as professors or in administrative roles, several are practicing artists or writers. Some of our recent graduates have participated in Notre Dame’s 5+1 Postdoctoral Fellowship Program.

“I now teach English literature at the university level and pretty much every single class deals with issues of social justice or ethical relationships, usually having to do with gender/class/ableism/race/sexuality. So my graduate GS minor informed my whole career. I now teach in Singapore a variation of the “Virgins and Vixens” class I designed for the GS Program at ND!”

—Samara Cahill, PhD English ’09


“I view the artworks I create as future vestiges from our contemporary culture. It is my hope that these creations work to subvert and ridicule gender construction and conditioning as well as confront and challenge our individual assumptions and stereotypes that we have about our perception of gender identity.”

—Nathan Winship Smith, MFA Art ’15