Internship Grants

Where do students intern?

Recent internships that gender studies students have completed include:

  • Intern with the Professional Development team, Kirkland & Ellis, LLP, Chicago (paid)
  • Market analysis intern, the Female Factor, Chicago
  • Victim Services Department intern, the International Institute of Buffalo
  • Rape survivor advocate, SOS/the Family Justice Center, South Bend
  • Lab assistant, physiology lab, Denver
  • Marketing and Sponsorship intern, Girls on the Run, South Bend

What can an internship help me achieve?

Students pursuing a major or minor in gender studies have found that undertaking an internship for academic credit (either in the summer or during a semester) benefits their academic and career development in a number of ways. The academic internship gives gender students the opportunity to apply the knowledge they acquire in their gender courses in a practical setting. In turn, this internship experience helps students refine their skills and prepare for the wide variety of career paths open to them with a gender studies degree. Our interns have completed projects such as:

  • Writing white papers on international market trends (such as millennials’ purchasing patterns)
  • Serving as a liaison for refugee Muslim women seeking asylum in the US
  • Coordinating event sponsorship, including securing media partnerships, for a nonprofit girls’ development program
  • Overseeing production of an issue of a magazine
  • Creating a training program to orient students to campus life, with a focus on sexual assault issues

Many of our students have found employment after graduation as a direct outcome of the internship work they undertook as part of their degree.

Additional information regarding internships and internship credit can be found at the internship page of the A&L Office of Undergraduate Studies, which handles these credits.

Summer Internship Grant Recipients

International Internship Opportunities

The Boehnen Fund for Excellence in Gender Studies Summer Internship Grant


The Boehnen Summer Internship Grants are competitive grants awarded annually to Notre Dame Gender Studies undergraduate students who have secured unpaid summer internships that will help them analyze, understand, and gain valuable work experience in fields pertaining to Gender Studies. The internships may be at any organization or business, inside or outside the United States, insofar as the student makes a persuasive case for its relevance to his or her Gender Studies education. Our expectation is that the Boehnen Summer Internship Grants will help offset living expenses for the students as they undertake their unpaid internship work; to that end, the student is expected to work full-time for the sponsoring agency, business, or organization (as they define full-time) and to explain to their supervisor that they have received funding that enables them to work full-time. All currently enrolled Gender Studies Majors and Minors are eligible to apply for these grants. The typical amount awarded is $2500. The typical length of the internship should be a minimum term of five (5) weeks with a maximum term of eight (8) weeks. However, the award amount and length of internship term are negotiable with respect to the specifics of each internship and these specifics should be described in detail in the “Statement of Purpose” of the grant application.


Application process

Applications can be obtained online or through the Gender Studies Program Office. Applications are due BY NOON on the First Friday in April and should be sent electronically to


Internship Requirements