Sara Berumen and Meghan BuellSara Berumen '20 on the road with mentor Meghan Buell, during Sara's summer 2019 internship with Transgender Resource, Education, and Enrichment Services (TREES).

Students pursuing a major or minor in Gender Studies can undertake an internship for academic credit (GSC 35000). The academic internship gives students the chance to apply and further develop their education in a setting beyond the university, and to prepare for the wide variety of career paths open to them with a Gender Studies degree.

Gender Studies students consult with the Director of Undergraduate studies to select internships that enhance their education and suit their career plans.

Additional information regarding internships and academic credit is on the College of Arts & Letters Internship Page.

"I spent a summer in India interning for the Foundation for Sustainable Development at a school for girls near Jaipur."

—Emily Beaudoin, '17

"The summer internship was a great opportunity to become more in touch with a local community just ten minutes from my childhood home."

—Moira Horn, '17

The Boehnen Summer Internship Grant

The Boehnen Summer Internship Grants are competitive grants awarded annually to Notre Dame Gender Studies undergraduate students who have secured unpaid summer internships that will help them extend their education and gain valuable work experience in fields pertaining to Gender Studies.

The grants help offset living expenses for students as they undertake unpaid internship work. Grant recipients are expected to work full time for the sponsoring organization, for five to eight weeks. All currently enrolled Gender Studies undergraduate students are eligible to apply for these grants.

Application Guidelines

Applications are due before noon on the first Friday in April. To apply, complete the form linked below and attach a 500-word statement of purpose, a one-page budget, and your letters of application to and/or acceptance from the proposed internship site(s).

A strong statement of purpose will address the following:

  • how you expect to contribute to your chosen program as an intern
  • how the internship will supplement your education in Gender Studies
  • how the internship might affect your long-term research or career plans

The budget should outline all projected expenses (travel, accommodation, uniforms, etc.). If you are applying for additional or alternative funding for this internship, please name in your budget document the organization(s) to which you have applied and the amount(s) requested. If you are applying to more than one internship program, explain briefly how this might affect your projected budget.

Apply for a summer internship grant

Internship Grant Recipients