Award Winners

Genevieve D. Willis Senior Thesis Prize Competition

Lia Rocchino '19
"Not One's Wife": Laura X and the 1979 California Marital Rape Bill

Adam Moeller '18
When Fire Swept The City: A History Of Uganda's Queer Community And The LGBTI Movement

Gabrielle Marzke '17
Rhetorical Construction of Responsible Parenthood and Reproduction in the Context of Indiana Social Services

Abigail Bartels '16
My Strategy Brings All The Boys To The Yard: An analysis of the gender gap and its impact on the swing vote in United States presidential elections

Sarah Helen Murphy '15
Commanding Kinship: The Role of the Family in the Advancement of Antebellum Women’s Education

Lindsay Dun '14
Breaking the Lonely Mirror: An Analysis of Sociopolitical Mobilization within the Italian Feminist Movement from the 1970’s to the Present

Kathleen A. Monahan '13
“Intelligent, Efficient, Industrious, Dishonest, and Dishonorable”: Conflicting Views of Working Women in the 1914 Chicago Waitress Strike

Melissa Buddie '12
Student Perceptions of Peer Sexual Harassment: The “Where” and the “How” Matter More than the “Who”

Kyla Wargel '12
Mother and Father Speech Style as a Predictor of Insightfulness and Attachment

Robyn Grant '11
But who will do the dishes? Negotiating socialism with femininity in Mujeres magazine Cuba, 1961-1965

Amanda Lewis '10
Perceptions and Realities: Discerning the Relationship Between Mayan Women and the Roman Catholic Church

Daniel A. Nolan IV ’09
Out of the Closet and Into the Fire: Gay Teen Identity in a Heterosexist Society

Jamie Grebowski ’08
Segregation by Sex: Estimating the Effects of Single Sex Schools on Further Education

Stacey Williams ’08
Objectivity and Gender in Science: Implications for Psychology

Lizzi Shappell ’07
Evaluating Gender-Focused Initiatives in International Development: A Case Study of Afghanistan

Philip L. Quinn Essay Prize Competition

Brooke Littman '20
''Harold, They’re Lesbians': A Semiotic and Queer Analysis of A Letter to Three Wives"

Rebecca L. Fritz '18
"Feminist Critiques Of Neuroimaging Sex/Gender Difference Research"

Stephen Pete Freeman '18
"An Evolution Of Tradition Understanding The Unintended Effects Of The 1999 Inheritance And Marital Property Law On Intra Family Relationships In Rwanda"

Abigail Bartels '16
"Variance in Quotas and Women in Legislatures: The impact of factors affecting quota implementation on quota success"

Katie Lee '16
"Construction and Destruction: Masculinity and Violence in America"

Maria Kosse '14
"The Stripping Culture: An Analysis of Male and Female Strippers"

Zachary Aaron Wendeln '15
"If You Can't Be Gay and Merry: Anchors Aweigh and Altman's Homosocial to Heterosexual Theory"

Caroline Maloney '12
"More Stunning Than Can Be Expressed: Desire and Control in the Stunners of Dante Gabriel Rossetti"

Brigid Mangano '11
"The Problem of the Woman Artist: How Eva Gonzalès was 'Seen' in Late Nineteenth-Century France"

Megan Baker ’09
"Everyone Has Their Own Brokeback Mountain: Negotiating the Radical and the Mainstream"

Caitlyn K. Schneeman ’08
"Pornography, Pleasure, and Policing Female Sexuality in Joyce’s Ulysses"

Patrick Wall ’07
"The Threat of the Transvestite Terrorist: The Politics of Identity in Queer Theory and Breakfast on Pluto"