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Single-Occupancy All-Genders Bathrooms at Notre Dame

Free2Pee ND, a coalition of Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s, and Holy Cross students, recognizes that bathroom use is universal and that all people deserve equal access to bathrooms. Our commitment to universal access aligns with the tri-campus community’s responsibility to uphold the dignity of every person, regardless of ability, gender, identity, or access needs. We locate and evaluate single-occupancy all-genders bathrooms and maintain a comprehensive map of these facilities so that everyone in the tri-campus community can find the bathroom that best meets their needs.

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This project has been supported by a Teaching Beyond the Classroom grant from the Notre Dame College of Arts and Letters, by the Hesburgh Libraries Navari Center for Digital Scholarship and GIS Library Dr. Matthew Sisk, and by the countless rad student coalitions who did this work before us and have shared their wisdom and guidance.

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