Actions for Racial Justice at Notre Dame

The Notre Dame Gender Studies Program affirms and supports our Black students, faculty, and staff in their efforts to transform our campus’s racial politics. We stand in solidarity with communities of color and indigenous people, as well as movements against racism, colonization, and state violence worldwide. We are committed to the intersectional study of gender and sexuality that identifies, examines, and challenges injustice while imagining and creating better futures that serve the common good.

The Gender Studies Program is an institutional member of the National Women's Studies Association, which issued a strong Statement in Support of Black Lives and Protests against Police and State Violence on June 4, 2020.

Notre Dame student initiatives and calls to action


Alumni initiatives and calls to action

Kroc Institute for International Peace panel discussion: "Race, Violence, Protest, and the Ongoing Struggle for Justice"
Summary of event, with links to resources mentioned by the panelists.