Program Governance

Our Staff

The Gender Studies staff includes the Director, Associate Director, Program Coordinator, Internal Scholar-in-Residence, Postdoctoral Fellow, and Teaching Apprentices.

The Director also serves as the Director of Graduate Studies, as well as the Chair of the Gender Studies Steering Committee. The Associate Director serves as the Director of Undergraduate Studies. The Program Coordinator assists the Director and Associate Director in administering the Program.

See our people list to learn more about the current occupants of these positions.

The Gender Studies Steering Committee

The Steering Committee advises and assists the Director on matters pertaining to the Program’s academic curriculum and programming. Members of the Committee also help to promote the Gender Studies Program as a scholarly community committed to the interdisciplinary study of gender and sexuality.

The nine voting members of the Steering Committee are elected by faculty members associated with the Program. The Committee also includes one undergraduate student representative and one graduate student representative, both in a non-voting capacity. The Director, Associate Director, and Program Coordinator are ex officio non-voting members of the Committee. The Internal Scholar-in-Residence, Postdoctoral Fellow, and Subject Librarian for Gender Studies participate in Steering Committee meetings in a non-voting capacity.

Current Voting Members

  • Meredith Chesson (2018-21) - Associate Professor, Anthropology
  • Karen Graubart (2019-22) - Associate Professor, History
  • Barbara Green (2017-20) - Professor, English
  • Perin Gürel (2018-2021) - Assistant Professor, American Studies
  • Connie Mick (2019-22) - Director of Academic Affairs, Center for Social Concerns
  • Vanesa Miseres (2019-22) - Assistant Professor, Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Marisel Moreno (2017-20) - Associate Professor, Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Francisco Robles (2018-20) - Assistant Professor, English
  • Pamela Wojcik (2018-21) - Professor, Film, Television, and Theatre

Current Non-Voting Members

  • Mary Celeste Kearney, Director of Gender Studies; Chair of Steering Committee
  • Pamela Butler, Associate Director of Gender Studies
  • Linnie Caye, Program Coordinator, Gender Studies
  • Sara Berumen, Gender Studies Major and Anthropology Major ‘20
  • Emily Smith, PhD History, Gender Studies Graduate Minor
  • Rachel Bohlmann, Subject Librarian for Gender Studies