Graduate Research Workshops

Rigorous and Productive Discussion

students at a graduate research workshop

Gender Studies hosts an annual series of research workshops for our graduate students to advance their interdisciplinary inquiry into the subjects of gender and sexuality. Each workshop involves students from a variety of departments across campus, and functions as a rigorous seminar-style discussion with productive feedback on the presenter’s work. Our graduate workshop series is sponsored by the Marian Mullin Hancock Endowment.

In advance of each workshop, the presenter shares a copy of their work-in-progress (e.g., thesis or dissertation chapter, conference paper, creative work) with all Gender Studies graduate students. That work is read closely by all workshop participants. At the end of each semester, the Program hosts a joint panel with all presenters from that semester to discuss their progress with respect to the individual work they presented previously.

Workshops are typically held on Fridays from 4–5 p.m. in the 242 O’Shaughnessy conference room, unless otherwise specified. Each workshop is followed by a social gathering to build community among our graduate students.  

“The gamut of topics I’ve observed at the Gender Studies Workshops has been impressive. I never dreamed there were so many ways to study gender.” 


—Karen Monique Gregg, PhD Sociology ’11

Request a Spot in Our Workshop Schedule

If you would like to reserve a date for a presentation at one of this year’s Research Workshops, please contact one of our Research Workshop coordinators: Alyssa Paylor and Angela Seidu.

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