Award Winners

2022 Recipient

La Donna Forsgren

Assistant Professor, Department of Film, Television, and Theatre

It is abundantly clear from her teaching materials alone the genuine enthusiasm La Donna Forsgren has for teaching and the careful thought and planning she puts into her teaching methods and overall course design. But what stands out the most is the impact Professor Forsgren has on her students. We were particularly impressed by the range of students who wrote about how Professor Forsgren has transformed their lives and supported, encouraged, mentored, and listened to them. Forsgren’s teaching impact extended well beyond the classroom--for example, building student confidence and critical thinking skills, helping students to understand their own personal experiences, and giving students new ways of thinking about the world and valuable tools for self-transformation. One student said: “Professor Forsgren helped me to explore the intersection of gender studies and race and give voice to my own experiences.” Another student describes Forgren’s classroom as both changing “the world and the students around her,” which is precisely what she articulates as a goal in her statement of teaching philosophy. Another aspect of Forsgren’s teaching that really stood out to us was her flexibility and willingness to adapt her teaching to meet a range of student needs. Students talked about the ways Professor Forsgren is responsive to student feedback regarding readings and assignments and her willingness to adapt teaching to include new material and adjust to varying learning styles. They also spoke of her incredible ability to create an inclusive and collaborative classroom environment. One described her as “graciously and enthusiastically” accepting “all viewpoints and questions” and turning “them into a learning experience for everyone.” Another said: “I have never experienced a learning environment like La Donna's classroom, a space in which literally, the entire class is participating enthusiastically.” Professor Forsgren has been nominated for this award several times, which is evidence of her consistently strong teaching in Gender Studies. We are delighted to recognize her teaching with this award.

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