Award Winners

2019 Recipient

Susan Cannon Harris 

Professor, English Literature, and Gender Studies Concurrent Faculty

We are delighted to honor Dr. Susan Harris’s extraordinary skill and commitment as a teacher with the 2019 Marian Mullin Hancock award for Excellence in Teaching Gender Studies.

As Professor Harris’ department chair notes in the letter of support he sent to the award committee, “Susan is a dedicated, rigorous, and successful teacher at all levels, from the University Seminar to doctoral seminars.” Furthermore, it was clear to the award committee that Susan’s success as a teacher rests on generating enthusiasm, passion, and dedication among her students. One of her students describes her “student-centered and student-driven” approach to teaching and learning. Another describes how Susan’s own enthusiasm for the subjects she teaches ignites and sustains student interest. And another refers to Susan’s “perfect balance of contributing to and directing discussion, while making sure everyone’s voice is heard.” These are, of course, central tenets of feminist and other liberatory pedagogies. They’re also the traits of a master instructor, one whose effectiveness in the classroom is rooted in the ability to teach while simultaneously getting out of the way of the students’ learning.

Previous Recipients

Pam Butler, Associate Director, Gender Studies Program

Janet Kourany, Associate Professor, Philosophy

Abigail Palko, Associate Director, Gender Studies Program