Concurrent Faculty

Concurrent Faculty teach in Gender Studies and are available to serve as advisors on senior theses, doctoral dissertations, and other forms of undergraduate and graduate research in the interdisciplinary field of gender studies. The Director of the Gender Studies Program will consider requests on a case-by-case basis for exceptions to the Concurrent Faculty teaching requirement due to administrative service, research leave, or family leave.  Those eligible to be considered as Concurrent Faculty are any regular faculty members at the University of Notre Dame, including tenured faculty, non-tenured faculty, and SPFs.  Tenured faculty will be required to cross-list one course with Gender Studies each year. Non-tenured faculty and SPFs will be required to cross-list one course with Gender Studies every two years.

Gail Bederman

Ashley Bohrer

Eileen Hunt Botting

Kasey Buckles

Pamela Butler

Meredith Chesson

Kathleen Sprows Cummings

La Donna Forsgren

Barbara Green

Perin Gurel

Susan Harris

Cyraina Johnson-Roullier

Mary Celeste Kearney

Janet Kourany

Julia Kowalski

Sarah McKibben

Abigail Ocobock

Paul Ocobock

Emily Remus

Alison Rice

Francisco Robles

Jason Ruiz

Sonja Stojanovic

Sophie White

Pamela Wojcik

Nicole Woods